What lash map is best for hooded eyes?

You'll need to open your eyelids with a hood and break a thick lash line, says Buhler, who recommends L and L+ eyelashes. They are special eyelashes that have a flat base and an intense curl that sprouts below the eyelid, lifting the lash line and making the eyes look bright and fresh. The best eyelash extension curls for hooded eyes are M, L and L+ curls. Any eyelash extensions that have those curls will fit people with hooded eyes.

Eyelash extensions with these three curls have a straight base followed by a beautiful curl in the middle of the tip. Round eyes are less than twice as long as they are wide. If you're having trouble determining what type your customer is, ask them to look at you directly. If you can see the whites of their eyes above or below the iris, then they are round.

For closed eyes, we recommend using longer lengths towards the outer corners to visually open up the space. The doll effect should be avoided with this type of eye shape, as it will only accentuate the closeness of the eyes. The L-curl is probably one of the least popular eyelash styles, as they can sometimes appear quite rough and unnatural. These lashes look best with clients with hooded eyes.

L-curled lashes imitate the letter L, and it is recommended to use them to create more freestyle, textured and fain-looking outfits. Mixing a few L curls with a set of D curls can look like a popular set of strappy lashes. Because it's such a new style, if you're new to the eyelash industry, you might not have heard of this eyelash look yet. An example of a set of tiered eyelashes would be a combination of 8 mm, 9 mm and 10 mm tabs with shorter tabs placed in the inner corner.

The straight base is important because it provides a better surface for them to sit and blend well with natural lashes. While this may seem overwhelming, creating the perfect eyelashes for your client is easier than you think, and it only requires a few questions and a little research (and we've done the hard work for you). Always consult an eyelash technician if you're not sure about the shape of your eyes and ask about the eyelash extensions that will bring out the best in them. This will give them enough time to look closely at your eyes and discard their shape and the best eyelash extensions for them.

The wrist-eye style features shorter eyelashes at the outer corners of the eye, with longer eyelashes in the center. When you want more dramatic lashes, solve this problem by looking for a mixed lash distribution with a lot of variation in length. Before diving into recommendations for the best eyelashes for hooded eyes, here are some key details you should know.

Eyelash mapping

is a technique for planning what lengths, curls and thicknesses you'll use and where, in order to create a fabulous set of eyelash extensions with the style and level of drama that your client wants, but that also adapts to the shape of their natural eyes and eyelashes.

Some people have naturally curly eyelashes that point downward, while others have fairly straight lashes or that point downward.

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