How are the kardashians lashes so long?

Lilly Goddess lashes are your ideal choice to achieve it. The Kardashian-Jenners have always been fans of the treatment, which they started doing in high school. Use a clean spool or cotton swab when applying it and you'll see the changes in a month or two, Khloé advises. Regardless of which option you use, be sure to press the brush against your eyelashes and move it.

In fact, they're smaller and it's their beautiful eyelashes that make their eyes appear wider. You can also use it after applying the false eyelashes to create a more fluid mix between the false eyelash band and the natural eyelashes, and it can even be useful to get the eyelash extensions back in place. So, if you want Kim Kardashian-inspired eyelash extensions, go online and buy a bundle of individual Ardell Duralash Naturals eyelashes. Of course, these tricks will be easier for you once you have the volume and length that eyelash extensions provide.

Do not brush the wand directly over the eyelash extensions; instead, move it slightly upwards. Of course, being the celebrity that she is, Kim has Mario to keep her eyelash extensions in perfect shape every day. An advantage of using false eyelashes instead of eyelash extensions is that false eyelashes tend to be softer on natural eyelashes. Both of Kardashian's eyelash extension methods will achieve the desired look, so choose the one that's most comfortable for you.

Kim Kardashian's signature lash look can be replicated with a few tweaks to the way you use mascara, curling iron and other eyelash products. The “spikes” add another level of volume, without making the lashes appear too thick, which often also makes them noticeably unnatural. Kim Kardashian's perfect lashes can be recreated with a few tweaks to the way you use your curling iron, mascara and foundation. Before you know it, your friends will consider you their go-to person for advice on how to achieve the perfect eyelashes.

By evenly applying each group of lashes to your natural lashes, you can achieve that coveted space between lashes. In addition, the good thing about them is that they only need to be replaced when natural eyelashes fall out, which happens every 4 to 5 weeks. Get ready to attract attention because we'll teach you everything you need to know about how to show off perfect Kim Kardashian eyelashes.

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