What is the most common lash length?

Don't be fooled, longer eyelashes aren't always better. In fact, using lashes larger than 14 mm will weigh down your natural lashes. Most salons usually have between 8 and 14 mm in their inventory; the most popular sizes are 9 mm to 12 mm. The thickness that works best for the classic look is 0.12 mm, 0.15 mm, 0.18 mm, 0.20 mm and 0.25 mm.

However, eyelash extensions with a thickness of 0.15 mm stand out as the most popular option, since They leave a naturally thick look that complements the classic set of lashes. Excess weight and length can cause stress on natural eyelashes and cause natural eyelashes to break or be lost prematurely. These eyelash extensions are virtually lightweight, so eyelash technicians can apply numerous lashes to the eyelids without weighing them down. There are many different types of false eyelashes in the eyelash industry, helping you improve your real eyelashes so they look much better.

Lashes with a stronger curl have more impact from a frontal point of view and appear longer than a straighter curl of the same length. Long, thick extensions aren't always the best: the extensions used should be slightly longer and thicker than natural eyelashes. Understand the different types of eyelash extensions, the thickness, the length, and how each function can elevate your art. It depends on the application, the eyelashes used and how you follow the aftercare tips given by the stylist.

If your stylist sprays your eyelashes (spraying them with a thin layer of spray after treatment), the adhesive will dry immediately so you can work out, swim, or go to the gym as soon as you leave your appointment. Buying the right eyelash extension set for your brand can be an arduous task, from product verification to delivery expectations. It's submerged in the adhesive, not too little or it doesn't stick, but not too much, or you're likely to stick your eyelashes together.

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