What are the different eye shape lash styles?

Both experts agree that when it comes to eyelash styling, the key is to consult and understand the client's lifestyle. Everyone's perception of beauty and of the “natural” is different. For example, for round eyes, a cat's eye effect is used. However, there are some customers who like to keep their eyes rounded, so it wouldn't be necessary to change the shape, Richardson says.

When designed correctly, the shape of the eyes can be changed, but it depends on the skill of the artist. Almond shaped eyes are the most common form of eyes. They are twice as wide as they are tall, making them the most proportionate eye shape that can support almost any style of eyelash. Hooded or monolide eyes are eyelids without folds.

A hooded eyelid may look very heavy, and may even appear to swallow the lash line underneath. You'll need to open your eyelids with a hood and break a thick lash line, says Buhler, who recommends L and L+ eyelashes. They are special eyelashes that have a flat base and an intense curl that sprouts below the eyelid, lifting the eyelash line and making the eyes look bright and fresh. If you have an eye shape that is tilted downward, the outer corners of your eyes are lower than the inner corner.

For droopy eyes, the best eyelash style is a forced cat's eye or a natural shape, Richardson says. The shape of an upward eye, also called cat eyes, is the opposite of the downward eyes. Here, the outer corner of the eye is higher than the inner corner. Richardson says that upward eye shapes can benefit from the cat-eye style, since the eyes upward can also be tilted more in the shape of an almond.

You have round or prominent eyes when you have a crease under your eye that sticks out. Round eyes are the curviest eyes that adapt to a wide range of styles and types of false eyelashes or eyelash extensions. However, curly and long eyelashes are said to be the best type of eyelash extensions for round eyes. Multilayer eyelashes add an eye-catching glow to round eyes.

Adding extra length to the eyelash extension will also make your eyes look beautiful if you work with a deep eye shape. Wrist eye eyelash extensions are the most popular style among customers and fit many different types of eye shapes. Just as there are similarities between the shape of hooded eyes and monolid eyes, there are similarities between the best eyelash extensions for each shape. Adding volume to the eyelashes at the outer edge of the eyes defines and outlines monolide eyes better.

Richardson recommends an eyelash serum because, for lashes to last, a strong base is needed so that the lashes don't damage the natural eyelashes. Longer eyelash extensions along the eyelids will increase the overall size of the eyes, while adding more length and volume to the outer corners of a cat's eye will attract focus and make the eyes appear further apart. Your eyelash stylist will help you choose whether you should use 8D large volume lashes or 10D mega-volume lashes depending on your preference for eyelash appearance. As deeper eyes are located deeper into the eye socket, opting for long extensions with a strong curl can cause the eyelashes to come into contact with the brow bone, which can be uncomfortable for the client.

With this style of eyelash extension, the goal is to lift and lengthen the outer corners of the eyes (just like with winged eyeliner) to create a sensual look. The inverted, wrist-shaped and open eyelashes help create the illusion of a crease, and the wrist-like eyelash shape also helps to open the hooded eye by focusing attention on the center of the eyelid. Have fun using a mix of prefabricated D-shaped eyelashes and spikes to give your clients a sexy, pointy look. Now that you've discovered the exact shape of your eyes, you can start putting on the lashes that best suit it.

Your natural feline-shaped eyes are the best fit for the cat eye style, and these eyelash styles take full advantage of your sensual and stylized features. There is an equation for finding the best eyelashes based on the shape of the eyes that helps create a beautiful appearance and brings out the best in aesthetics. .

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