Who is not a good candidate for eyelash extensions?

On the other hand, if you have little or no natural hair on your eyelashes, if your eyelashes are weak, in poor condition, if you have a medical condition that has left you without eyelashes, or you have severe allergies, you may not be a good choice for eyelash extensions. Have you ever wondered if a career as an eyelash artist is right for you? Currently, eyelash extensions have the highest profit margin of any service in the beauty industry. Even in small cities without a thriving economy, many dedicated and talented eyelash artists manage to make six figures a year. However, eyelashes aren't for everyone; there are certain personality types that thrive in the environment and are very successful in this industry.

Read on to see if eyelashes could be a career for you. This doesn't automatically disqualify you from wearing eyelash extensions, but it should make you think about how much your seasonal allergies interfere with your daily life. Lavish is a Cincinnati beauty studio that specializes in microblading, brows, eyelash lifts and eyelash extensions, and more. But here at Lavish Cincinnati, all of our eyelash services are designed to ensure that you get the best results unique to your beauty needs.

These are individual synthetic strings of eyelashes, which a trained technician applies surgical glue to each of the natural eyelashes by a trained technician. Cleaning eyelash extensions is a very valuable habit if you are one of those who take their regime seriously and want to protect your investment in beauty. Cincinnati's luxurious eyelash extensions help many customers find happiness with their own image and increase confidence. If you're a person who's used to rubbing your eyes or face, you might not be the ideal candidate for extensions.

You should be careful and protect your investment in beauty, as eyelash extensions can break when you have too much contact with them, even during daily activities of wear and tear.

Briana Amass
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