Does wearing fake eyelashes ruin your real ones?

Unfortunately, false eyelashes can also cause the temporary or permanent loss of real eyelashes. Removing false eyelashes can break natural eyelashes and even damage the hair follicle. When this happens, your own eyelashes may not grow back.

Eyelash extensions

don't damage eyelashes when applied correctly.

To avoid damaging natural eyelashes, eyelash extensions should be carefully selected (length and thickness) and correctly applied to one natural eyelash at a time. The most common risk of eyelash extensions is an allergic reaction to glue, which contains cyanoacrylate. As with most eye makeup products, there are some health risks associated with wearing false eyelashes. If you've been wondering if your favorite pair of false eyelashes will ruin the real ones, you're in the right place.

As any eyelash technician will tell you, one of the most frequently asked questions they hear is whether extensions damage real eyelashes. Since eyelash extensions are applied one eyelash at a time to a single natural eyelash, the natural eyelash can freely follow the growth cycle and eventually come off with the extension attached to it. But it's a theory, and as many avid people who wear false masks (especially those that use our natural eyelashes) will attest, it doesn't seem to be a real problem. When the natural eyelash growth cycle is carefully respected, eyelash extensions will not cause any harm to natural eyelashes.

If, unfortunately, an eyelash technician made the eyelash extensions for you who didn't apply them correctly and you made one of the three previous mistakes (extensions that were too heavy, sticky or heads of nails), you may suffer damage to your natural eyelashes. Eyelash extensions should be performed by a professional eyelash technician if you want to avoid ruining your natural eyelashes. When eyelash extensions are applied correctly, they must absolutely respect the natural growth cycle of natural eyelashes. Taking these two variables into account will allow you to select an eyelash extension that is balanced with natural eyelashes.

Any eyelash glue can damage your natural eyelashes, but be careful with long-lasting eyelash adhesives. Asako (left) and Naoko (right) are certified eyelash stylists and owners of Divine Lashes, a site for eyelash lovers to meet and learn more about eyelash extensions and lifting. One side effect of eyelash serums that really made users think twice before continuing to apply them to eyelash lines is their potential to darken the eyelids and iris.

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