What i wish i knew before getting eyelash extensions?

It must remain hidden for at least 12 hours after application. Always, always, always make sure your eyelash artist is well-trained and licensed. Most of the time, damage to the eyelashes is done by an eyelash artist who hasn't been properly trained. You can always ask your eyelash artist where they trained and if they are licensed.

In some states, it's illegal to apply eyelash extensions without a license. Take an energy nap, as your eyes will be closed all the time during the extension process. Keep reading to learn all the basics you'll be happy to know (a bar I'd like to know) before an appointment for eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions aren't dangerous or bad as long as the technician follows the right methods and uses the right materials.

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent eyelashes that are glued by hand to natural lashes, says Andra Marin, artistic director and expert eyelash stylist at Courtney Akai Lash Boutique in New York. If you feel that mascara isn't enough and you're okay with the additional maintenance and money that eyelash extensions require, it's definitely worth looking for a specialist and having a consultation, in my opinion. If eyelashes are applied professionally, with high-quality products, they will never tear off or break your natural eyelashes. If you really care for them (more on that later), eyelash extensions can last six to eight weeks until they fall out naturally, as your eyelashes usually do.

While it's true that eyelash extensions require less maintenance than using mascara or false eyelashes every day, they're not something you can forget either. After the initial application of the eyelash extension, you will be given post-application instructions that you should follow closely. In reality, there isn't much evidence to show if eyelash extensions actually affect your natural eyelash length or your long-term health. However, there is a very small risk of developing traction alopecia, says Dr.

Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, adjunct professor of ophthalmology at Baylor School of Medicine in Houston, where natural eyelashes can fall out as a result of the consistent weight of repeated eyelash extensions. The good news is that eyelash extensions guarantee the beauty of your eyes and safely keep your natural eyelashes intact. Keep in mind that New York State requires that eyelash extension services be performed by a licensed beautician or cosmetologist, so be sure to consult a professional. Wetting eyelashes used to be a major obstacle, but Phillips explains that some current glue formulas allow exposure to water within 24 hours.

So now that you know what's up with eyelash extensions, if you want to go down the rabbit hole, don't hesitate to book with us. While no makeup product or tool lasts longer than a few hours, it's no surprise that eyelash extensions are becoming an increasingly popular trend and are trending in the fashion world.

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