Can i get lash extensions if i don't have many eyelashes?

If you don't have natural lashes, our extensions are placed on top of natural lashes; and we need your natural lashes to be healthy and strong enough to hold an extension. Unlike other eyelash processes, such as strips or flares, we can't create eyelashes where there aren't any. No, unfortunately, you must have eyelashes to apply the extensions, since the extensions do not touch the skin and are applied directly to the natural eyelash. However, you have options even without natural lashes.

The main option is strip eyelashes, which are applied to the eyelids with a non-permanent adhesive. To help your lashes grow naturally, you can try serums and supplements. Having long and long eyelashes is nice, but if you don't have other ways to accentuate your eyes, it's with eyeliner and eye shadows to make them stand out more, like a glamorous and smoky look. If a customer has damaged their eyelashes due to a previous attempt by themselves or by an eyelash artist, they can still be beautified (if this is the case, you can recommend that your customer take some time to have their eyelashes repair themselves).

One of the most common things I've seen in my career is that clients damage their own eyelashes by pulling and poking around. When extensions first hit the mainstream market, it seemed like a relatively painless way to achieve thin, wavy lashes without the drawbacks of false masks or mascara. Straight or thin lashes are naturally more difficult to isolate and fix the adhesive and eyelashes, especially if the eyelash technician is inexperienced. However, as a subtle enhancement, these are a brilliant option, but are more suitable for special occasions than for long-term use, as they don't last as long as full extensions.

One of the scariest things about eyelash extensions is that the process is not regulated in some states, as is the case in Alabama, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho and Wisconsin. While damage to natural lashes certainly isn't ideal (nor is it sustainable over time), any breakage or fall should resolve on its own within one to three months, as part of a typical eyelash growth cycle, more on this below. However, if you have gaps in your eyelashes or are very scarce, it's almost impossible to achieve the “false eyelashes” effect that many mascaras claim to offer. Individual eyelashes may require a bit of a forensic approach: the tweezers will help you place each tab in a “perfect” position.

In my experience, alcoholic beverages tend to cause eyelashes to become strangely crooked at the end of the night. Luxury lashes are likely to be softer, lighter, fine-tuned more precisely, and meticulously shaped to fit the eye, but that's not always the case. The result was great (I woke up with bangs full of eyelashes and went to work without putting on any makeup), but after a week I started to wake up with my pillowcase covered with eyelashes, both extensions and my own natural eyelashes. On the other hand, if you have little or no natural hair on your eyelashes, if your eyelashes are weak, are in poor condition, you have a medical condition that has left you without eyelashes, or you have serious allergies, you may not be suitable for eyelash extensions.

All of your lashes are in a different state at any given time, meaning that some are about to fall out, while others are experiencing a period of growth (this is true whether you're wearing eyelash extensions or not).

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