How many lashes is considered a fill?

A full refill includes 25 to 45 new extensions that are applied per eye to truly achieve that fullness factor. If more is always better for you, you can also raise the stakes with 10, 20 or 30 additional tabs. Customers must have 20 or more eyelashes per eye for the appointment to be considered a recharge. Most eyelash extension technicians recommend that you refill your eyelashes every 2-3 weeks.

Sometimes, you can wait longer, even up to 4 weeks, depending on the retention, maintenance of the eyelash extensions and the skin care products you use (more information below). Because each eyelash is at a different stage in this cycle at any given time, you'll constantly lose your natural lashes. Be sure to brush your eyelashes regularly and clean them to avoid getting an infection and to extend the time between two eyelash filling appointments. But the most common questions are how often these fillers should be reserved, when is it time for a new refill, and how to extend the interval between eyelash fillers.

Using two sets of tweezers, grab a natural eyelash with one tweezer and an extension with the other, then gently separate them vertically in two directions. In early adolescence, natural eyelashes (those that are usually less than 3 mm or 0.1 inches long) grow much faster than lashes in the last stage of the growth cycle. This application requires masterful skill, as the eyelash artist uses the lightest extension in the industry to create a handmade fan and meticulously applies between 2 and 6 extensions per eyelash. Eyelash extensions are individual strands of synthetic eyelashes that curve to replicate a natural eyelash.

In general, it's best to perform a refill service when the customer has at least 40% of the eyelash extensions left in the full set. Use this method only when you are going to remove a few eyelash extensions or have a very small amount of glue in the joint area. As the eyelash technicians explain, although they clean the eyelashes when they fill them, some adhesive remains, on which more is added to fill the eyelashes. If this is the first time you're a customer of existing eyelash extensions from a different salon and you expect to extend their lifespan before transitioning to ours over time, you'll need a 60-minute appointment to evaluate the remaining eyelashes and complete a refill.

The ultimate goal of lashes to achieve a flawless natural look is to have each natural eyelash attached to a false eyelash to achieve that “complete” look. The bond between the client's natural eyelashes and the eyelash extension weakens over time due to oil or other impurities. To prevent this from happening, don't apply eyelash extensions to these tiny lashes or apply an extension 1-2 mm shorter than neighboring eyelash extensions.

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