Do lash infills last as long as fresh set?

For best results, we recommend that refills be applied within three weeks of using the original full set. Outside of this three-week period, a full series will represent. Outside of this three-week period, a complete set will represent better value for money. Your natural eyelashes have a life cycle.

Over the course of 2 to 3 months, your lashes will grow and shed naturally. When the eyelashes come off, the extension that is attached to them comes off along with them. All eyelashes are going through this cycle at different stages, so it's normal to lose them regularly. And this natural life cycle is why it's important to visit us to recharge regularly to maintain a complete and cohesive appearance.

A larger set with more lashes tends to go further than a very natural set; this way, you have more lashes to lose. As the eyelash technicians explain, although they clean the eyelashes when they fill them, some adhesive remains, on which more is added to fill the eyelashes. With this in mind, it is recommended to make appointments to fill in your eyelashes or rebalance them every two to three weeks. There is more than one way to remove an eyelash with tweezers, some examples would be the banana peel technique, which consists of separating natural eyelashes and false eyelashes from each other at the tip or base with just a few tweezers.

Take the photo above, for example: this is what your eyelash stylist may be seeing after four and a half weeks of growth. Another method is to hold the base of the natural eyelashes with tweezers and then slide the insulation clips along the axis of the eyelash. Once the tweezers hit the base of the extension, they continue to slide upwards causing the extension to come off without damaging or twisting the natural eyelash. Your eyelash stylist is trained to see exactly how much your eyelash extension has grown and will know when it's time to remove an extension that is too large.

But that's OK, as a trip to see your eyelash specialist will be something you'll look forward to as you breathe new life into your appearance. By filling the eyelashes correctly and regularly, it shortens treatment times and increases the longevity of the sets. Taking care of your eyelashes is the easiest way to ensure that you can stretch your fillers for as long as possible, and it's very easy to incorporate into your beauty routine. If you've decided not to refill your lashes within 2 to 3 weeks of your initial consultation, your eyelashes may have grown beyond the fill point.

Cleaning your eyelashes thoroughly about four times a week, removing makeup with an oil-free makeup remover and avoiding mascara are the three best habits you should adopt to make those extensions last.

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