Mapping for lash extensions?

See more ideas about eyelash extensions, eyelash extension styles,. Applying eyelash extensions takes a lot of time and practice. However, it requires more than just a firm hand. Applying the same length of eyelashes along the eyelash strip can result in an unnatural look, but you can't apply different lengths randomly.

Eyelash mapping allows you to determine what length of extension you should use where on the lash line. The process itself is simple, but you might need some practice before knowing what your customer needs becomes instinct. You can do a cat-eye look with curled L-lashes in the outer corners for extra lift. However, you can also achieve this look with more standard curls, such as C, CC and D.

This mapping style is ideal for clients with their eyes facing down, as it will lift their eyes and give the illusion of a non-surgical lift. The following professional eyelash mapping guides are a fantastic way to make sure you follow the plan to achieve the desired look: with tab mapping, each tab will be where it's supposed to be. This set uses adhesive eyelash tape, super adhesive, incredible retention base, hydrogel patches for under the eyes, eyelash extensions, ballet shoes for eyelash extensions. So, if your clients choose to have an eyelash extension that looks so natural, the J-curl is for your girl.

The L-shaped curl has a straight lower part that fits and lies flat on the client's natural eyelashes, ideal for eyes in the moonlight and clients with very sharp natural eyelashes. Sometimes it's a good idea to mark on the client's eyelid if you can visibly see any area that needs a “little stretch”; this is where it's great to add curlier eyelashes. While cat's-eye lashes are longer in the outer corners, the squirrel eye is longer about two-thirds of the lash line, or around the arch of the brow if the brows are perfectly shaped, and the lashes taper slightly shorter in the outer corner. Using eyelash mapping is a great way to explore different styles and ensure that you're creating the most appropriate eyelash extension style for each individual eye shape.

The right eye is what the client's eye would have looked like with the correct mapping, the wrist eye would have been ideal and much more complementary to this client. It's important to understand the shape of your client's eyes before treatment in order to map and congratulate them. With such a wide variety of eyelash extension lengths, thicknesses and curls, it's easy to fall into complacency when choosing fail-safe styles and styles. When your customer has their eyes closed, you may be tempted to think that the locations of the dots no longer seem correct, for example, half of the eyelash line may not appear to be at the same point.

Let's start with the basics and you need to plot your sets because it will allow you to stick to the map and create the exact look your client asks for. This curl is not recommended for straight eyelashes and hooded eyes, as it is a bit curly and could damage the eyelids.

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