How to map lashes?

Write the numbers right inside each segment, starting with the inner corner and ending with the outer corner. Match the first and last segments to the person's. As you begin to learn how to work with multiple layers, you'll have more and more numbers and details in your mapping. Keep your mapping consistent with the IC and OC of your sets, as these will remain consistent in the eyes of both customers.

You should avoid squirrel mapping, as it will make your eyes look droopy like the sad eyes of a puppy. When creating a set of eyelash extensions, eyelash mapping plays a major role in ensuring that you create the perfect shape that suits your customers. The second is a “feline” eyelash map, on which the industry bases its knowledge of location on Leonardo Di Vinci's golden ratio on how to draw eyes. Eyelash mapping allows you to determine what length of extension you should use where on the lash line.

If you feel like you haven't received enough knowledge about training your eyelashes, this online eyelash mapping course may be a refresher course for you. Start getting to know your eyelashes with this detailed online eyelash mapping course that teaches you everything you need to know to apply fabulous lashes. Using eyelash mapping is a great way to explore different styles and ensure that you're creating the most appropriate eyelash extension style for each individual eye shape. It's important to understand the shape of your client's eyes before treatment in order to map and congratulate them.

Let's start with the basics and you need to plot your sets because it will allow you to stick to the map and create the exact look your client asks for. Luckily, there's no need to rewrite the regulations: there are already many tab maps available to achieve different designs, although you may have to adapt them to your client. If you use an incorrect tab map for your customer's eyes, it can emphasize an area you'd like to hide.

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