Is classic or volume lashes harder to do?

Several eyelashes on an eyelash with volume will equal the diameter of your natural eyelashes. With volume, you'll have a fuller, darker and bolder lash line, and since it opens in a fan at the top, it'll be fluffier and more intense than a classic set of lashes. Both methods of applying eyelash extensions are excellent. But when starting an eyelash career, it's very important to first learn classic whiplash.

Classic lashes are the basis of the tie in general. This is where you'll learn insulation, diameters, lengths, curls, etc. All of these are very important for keeping the integrity of your clients' natural eyelashes intact. As an eyelash artist, this should be one of your number one goals.

Without learning the classic technique, it can be very difficult to create healthy volume looks. We recommend taking a classic eyelash class first and then moving on to Hybrid, Volume and Mega Volume, which are advanced techniques. Classic eyelashes will look more like an eyelash mascara. Each individual tab will have a thicker diameter than the eyelashes with volume.

Classic eyelashes are an extension that is applied to an individual natural eyelash in a one-to-one ratio depending on how many natural eyelashes you have. If you have a lot of natural eyelashes, the one-to-one ratio will be much higher. For example, if you only have 50 natural lashes, the classic lash set will only be as good as the 50 individual lashes applied. If you prefer a more visible or dramatic effect, classic outfits may not give you enough strength or the drama you expect from eyelash extensions.

While this style mainly favors women with naturally thick and dense eyelashes, classic eyelash extensions are a good choice for most customers, as they are the most natural. Volume lashes refer to super-light lashes (starting at 0.03 mm) that are made in the shape of a fan before being applied to individual natural lashes. In short, classic eyelash extensions will allow you to show off the natural look of your eyelashes without a single stroke of mascara. The most important aspect of classic sets is that only one extension is applied to each natural eyelash, which means that natural eyelashes are not too visually overloaded.

The natural eyelash growth cycle continues as usual, meaning you'll lose both your natural eyelashes and extensions. Russian volume eyelashes can reach up to 12D, with the right amount of training and practice. The strength of the volume set lies in the fact that more eyelashes are applied, but that is also one of its weak points, since the application takes longer than the classic one. Exquisite eyelash academy offers volume eyelash training exclusively for women who want to learn this new trend in the industry.

It all comes down to whether you prefer a more dramatic eyelash look or prefer to maintain soft, natural-looking lashes. This is because voluminous eyelashes require a higher level of skill, more eyelash extensions are used (3D-15d per natural eyelash) and creating perfectly symmetrical fans with tight bases is an art that cannot be rushed, since the fans are handmade. It groups the prepared eyelashes and fans together and they are not the same as voluminous lashes and do not create the same effect or look. This method of eyelash extensions will give you dense lashes with a darker lash line, perfect for a night out.

Unfortunately, other, more voluminous styles of eyelash extensions can be too dramatic compared to natural, sparse, short, clear, or thin lashes. In addition to the fact that each set is different (because each customer is different), there are several styles to choose from, depending on the look the customer is looking for, the shape of their eyes and the condition of their natural eyelashes. .

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