Is it better to get classic or hybrid lashes?

The same is the reason why hybrid lashes look much less dramatic than voluminous lashes and much more natural. Hybrid lashes don't look fake or unnatural when done correctly. They are the best personalized style that exists now. Well, as mentioned above, it depends on both style and budget.

If you're on a budget, classic eyelashes may be the best option for you. However, if budget isn't a concern, but style is, then you have more options. They may still look like natural, but reinforced lashes. What are hybrid lashes? Hybrid lashes are a mix of 70 to 30 classic lashes and voluminous lashes.

Choosing hybrid extensions gives your customers the best of both worlds. The look is achieved by mixing classic eyelashes and voluminous lashes that are strategically placed to frame the eyes. Hybrid extensions offer a variety of textures and more volume, but without the sometimes unnatural look of voluminous lashes. For customers who want an eyelash line with a little more volume but not as full as volume extensions, this technique will provide the perfect balance.

Classic eyelashes are best for customers who have naturally sparse eyelashes. While voluminous lashes can be quite dramatic, they can also look unnatural. In these cases, you should choose a hybrid set if you want a natural look but still want more volume. They are an excellent choice for those who prefer natural looking lashes.

This is a great option for customers who have low density eyelash lines. The following classic example of eyelash extensions was obtained at another eyelash extension salon, the Micropigmentation Academy. Hybrid lashes offer you a varied texture and more volume, but without the sometimes unnatural look of voluminous lashes. A lot of people say that this type of extension gives you the best of both worlds (classic + Volume).

Classic lashes are more popular than hybrid lashes because of their natural look and longer-lasting quality. In fact, most of my clients go from classic to hybrid lashes to get an idea of what bulky eyelashes feel like. Classic eyelashes are the most common type of eyelash extension, which are used for more traditional and natural eyelash looks. Classic eyelash extensions will add length and thickness, perfect for those who already have a good amount of natural eyelashes.

When you buy the classic set, you'll want to achieve a natural look by extending the length of your natural lashes. In this way, classic and volume lash styles merge into one to create a hybrid variety that personalizes your eye even better than either style. It might take a short time to get used to hybrid lashes if you're wearing the classic set all this time. Eyelash extensions may seem intimidating, but now you know the difference between classic and hybrid lashes and voluminous lashes and what to expect from them.

Classic eyelash extensions come in a variety of materials, thicknesses (1 to 1.5 mm) and styles, so talk to your technician about the look you're trying to achieve. Since only one extension is added to a natural eyelash in the classic set, it takes the least amount of time out of the three. It's also a great option if you have thin, weak, or sparse lashes because voluminous lashes aren't as thick as classic lashes. The biggest difference is in the result you can achieve with each of them: classic lashes don't add much volume, but they add length.


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