Can you wear lash extensions in salt water?

Use a safe cleanser for eyelash extensions, such as the Amazing Lash Studio foam cleanser for eyelashes or Garnier SkinActive oil-free micellar water. We recommend waiting 24 to 48 hours before going to the beach, especially if you plan to dive in the ocean. Adhesive agents take 4 to 6 hours to fully seal, so it's important to avoid contact with eyelash extensions with intense water during this period. A slight splash or haze is fine, but if you're going to get into the water, avoid submerging your head completely under water.

Although they are not as sexy, glasses can be used to protect eyelashes from salt water and dirt. Wet conditions can also be very complicated, so saunas and steam rooms are a major obstacle, as they can cause the adhesive to “melt”. There's no doubt that eyelash glue reacts negatively to salt, whether you had false eyelashes a day or a week before. While DIY extension glue isn't as strong as professional extension glue, it's actually quite water resistant.

Remember that wet extensions are much more fragile than dry ones, so try not to rub your eyes or bother your eyelashes when they are wet. One of the most incredible things about eyelash extensions is that they're relatively durable as long as you take some precautions. However, small amounts of salt do not cause long-term damage to eyelash extensions because, anyway, the human body generally secretes salt through perspiration. When you wear expensive extensions, every time you lose a natural eyelash you'll also lose an extension.

Swimming with eyelash extensions is OK if you take the right precautions to protect your false eyelashes and take care of the extensions after getting out of the water. If you don't have a daily cleansing routine, there's a good chance that your eyelashes will fall out prematurely or that you'll suffer from mites. It's imperative that you clean your eyelash extensions properly if you're swimming in salt water or in a pool with a lot of chlorine, especially if you weren't wearing protective goggles. Talk to your eyelash technician about the type of extension you're going to receive and the glue they use for the extension to determine when you can safely take a dip.

Dry your eyelash extensions by gently drying them instead of rubbing them with a towel and keep your hands away from your eyes when the extensions are wet. That way, they can get out of the ocean and look effortlessly beautiful; somehow, eyelash extensions can make it look like you have your whole face made up. If you regularly immerse yourself in chlorinated water or in swimming pools, your false eyelashes will fall off faster than ever because they disintegrate the natural eyelash bond created by eyelash adhesives. Eyelash technicians know how to choose the right glue depending on the humidity in the area where they live, since that has a big impact on the way the glue hardens.

For example, when you use eyelash extensions at an amusement park, make sure that no water gets directly on your eyelashes. It is recommended to wash eyelash extensions gently with a safe cleansing shampoo to keep eyelash extensions healthy and beautiful.

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