What eyelash extensions suit small eyes?

For small eyes Be sure to use medium lengths at the outer center of the eye to give a large, round appearance. This type of eyelash is natural and gives you a fuller look. Round eyes are less than twice as long as they are wide. If you're having trouble determining what type your customer is, ask them to look at you directly.

If you can see the whites of their eyes above or below the iris, then they are round. The hooded eyes have an eyelid that extends outward and over the base of the natural eyelashes. Depending on the size of the hood, the lash line may disappear under the eyelid, leaving the lashes tucked underneath and the bases almost hidden. For example, almond eyes will look beautiful with a cat-eye lash style, while round eyes should avoid a doll-like eyelash style.

Almond shaped eyes are considered to be the most attractive eye shape because of their dimensions and proportions. The length is greater than the height, with a little slant at the outer corners, making it perfect for eyeliner. The volume eyelash extension style is ideal for those with a small or thin upper eyelid. The elongated eyelash extension style is one of the most popular styles for people with smaller eyes.

Just as knowing your body shape helps you find the clothes that best fit you and the shape of your face helps you achieve flawless makeup, the shape of your eyes creates the foundation for your eyelash extension treatment. Mink lashes are very long and curly, and are the perfect type of eyelash extension for people who want a more natural look. The straight base will allow the extension to align with the natural eyelashes, which will provide a stronger bond and increase your client's comfort.

Eyelash extensions

can last between 6 and 12 weeks, depending on the product used, but should be refilled every 2 to 3 weeks.

Adding the longer eyelash extensions to the outer corner of the eyes narrows the eye and creates a shapely cat-eye look. Eyes with only one eyelid have no visible creases, so eyelash extensions can create the appearance of wider, larger eyes. The glue used in eyelash extensions is different from the glue used on false eyelashes, so be sure to choose one that applies smoothly and doesn't cause irritation or tingling. Strong curls at shorter lengths may look unnatural, as the tips of the extensions often rub against the more prominent bone in the brow.

The standard style of eyelash extensions, the natural style, aims to make your eyelashes look as realistic as possible. If your client wants their eyes to appear larger, opt for a deer eye, in which the longer extensions are applied to the center of the eyelid. We've already talked about the importance of considering the customer's eye shape when choosing the best eyelash extension style.

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