How to do lash mapping?

Write the numbers right inside each segment, starting with the inner corner and ending with the outer corner. Match the first and last segments to the person's. To create the illusion of wider eyes, use the longer lashes towards the outer edge of the lashes. It is recommended to go down 1 to 2 mm at the farthest outer corner, as these lashes are usually smaller or weaker, meaning they tend to fall faster or fall out faster.

Divide the customer's eye into two quadrants, then again into two more and, finally, into two more. You will have a total of 8 quadrants. After doing this, you'll add the lengths you plan to use for this specific customer. Please note that the image below shows a detailed map.

Not all maps will be that simple. As you begin to learn how to work with multiple layers, you'll have more and more numbers and details in your mapping. This versatile eyelash look can be created with classic lashes or Russian lashes or with both eyelash techniques. Not only does it help maintain eyelash safety by determining what length of extensions is safe to use on natural lashes, but it also allows you to create completely different styles tailored to your client's eyes.

The second is a “feline” eyelash map, on which the industry bases its knowledge of location on Leonardo Di Vinci's golden ratio on how to draw eyes. You can recreate the same set of lashes for your clients, experiment with colors and curls, let your creativity flow. This set uses adhesive eyelash tape, super adhesive, incredible retention base, hydrogel patches for under the eyes, eyelash extensions, ballet shoes for eyelash extensions.

Tab mapping

is an excellent technique to use, as it allows you to create a completely personalized look for your client.

Outlining the length and segments of the eyelashes on an under-eye pad before starting treatment allows you to consider the shape and characteristics of each eye individually to ensure you create a perfect set of lashes for your client. When you map your eyelashes, it's much easier to work with layers and with everything you want to do planned in front of you, it also reduces treatment time. Applying the same length of eyelashes along the eyelash strip can result in an unnatural look, but you can't apply different lengths randomly. If you're not sure how to tell if you put your client to bed and hold the eyelash extension against her natural eyelash to determine the length of her natural eyelashes, this will help you map the eyelashes, since you can plan what lengths you want to use once you've measured them against your eye.

This curl is not recommended for straight eyelashes and hooded eyes, as it is a bit curly and could damage the eyelids. Start getting to know your eyelashes with this detailed online eyelash mapping course that teaches you everything you need to know to apply fabulous lashes.

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