Why is lash mapping important?

Tab mapping allows the artist to keep everything clear when working with layers. It helps the artist to know what type of eyelashes they are working with. When you apply a tab map, you can achieve symmetry between a series of extensions. Remember how I said last month that whipping is like math? Tab mapping is the trick that proves it.

This is the mathematics of dividing the eye into different zones to determine the length of the eyelashes needed for each section of natural eyelashes. When I feel better, I like to play with the curls and thicknesses of the eyelash extensions that I add to the eyelash map I create. Making sure that eyelash extensions complement the length, thickness and curl of natural eyelashes will make them look more beautiful to the client than artificial or exaggerated eyelashes. Eyelash technicians should be especially careful when choosing curls and lengths that do not penetrate the customer's upper eyelid.

Taking the shape of a “winged” look, this eyelash map creates the illusion of wider eyes with the longest length extending to the outer edge of the eyelashes. For this reason, every eyelash artist should be familiar with eyelash mapping and should do so with all of their clients from the start to customize eyelash extensions based on the eyes. The best thing about learning tab mapping as soon as possible is that you'll gain so much experience that you won't need to map once you become an expert. Thanks to eyelash mapping, you'll likely decide how long your eyelash extensions should be to place them in which section of the lash line.

For that to happen, you must consider the shape of the customer's eyes and the different features of the eyelashes. You can map it in a way that adds drama to the lashes based on the specific shape and texture of the client's eye and eyelashes, respectively. After the time has elapsed, you'll draw the map in the back of your mind as soon as you see a customer. A good way to know what length to use would be to hold an eyelash extension against your client's natural eyelash to determine the length of their natural lashes; this will help you choose the right length to use.

In reality, you don't need any additional equipment to use a normal map of eyelash extensions or cat eyelashes. The longest eyelash should be marked in the center, in line with the pupil, and the eyelashes should be gradually shortened as they reach the corners of the eye. Using a tab map, you can create a systemic masterpiece, with each tab extension where it's supposed to be. Every eyelash artist needs to know about eyelash mapping and should do it for each of their clients in the beginning to customize eyelash extensions based on the eyes.

You must create the largest area in the center that encapsulates the iris in order to add the longest eyelashes in this region.

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