Should an older woman wear false eyelashes?

Eyelash extensions can be a great way for older women to look younger and more vibrant. They come in more natural styles that are less flashy in fashion.

Eyelash extensions

shouldn't intimidate you because of your age. False eyelashes come in strips or individually.

While individual lashes look very realistic, they take much longer to put on, take off and clean, just thinking about them drives me crazy. That's why I use and recommend striped eyelashes. With care, they can last up to three weeks. The eyelashes of customers over 50 are naturally thinner than those of younger customers.

To create a classic and charming eyelash look, we recommend eyelash extensions with a diameter between 0.10-0.15 mm. As for length, keep them short, at most 2 mm longer than natural lashes. Long lashes will only accentuate bare areas on the lash line and won't last long. The only time slightly longer lashes can help is if your client has droopy or hooded eyelids, as their eyelashes tend to hide under their eyelids when their eyes are open.

You may have asked yourself at some point: “Am I too old to wear eyelash extensions? Just like every work of art needs a focal point, your eyes will be the focal point with expertly applied false eyelashes. I don't wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, but I do use readers for close work, such as decorating, sewing, painting and putting on false eyelashes. I then place adhesive on the eyelash strip with my reading glasses, applying just a small amount directly from the tube with a small extra dot on each end. False eyelashes are a lot of fun, and the ones I use and recommend look so natural that no one can guess they're fake.

Use eyeliner before putting on false eyelashes to camouflage any space between real and false eyelashes. I prefer false eyelashes that are tapered at both ends, with the inner edge the same length as my own eyelashes and the outer edge slightly longer. That makes putting on makeup a difficult task and an impossible mission for applying false eyelashes. No matter how beautiful your false eyelashes are, their appearance will be ruined if the eyelash adhesive doesn't hold them in place.

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