Is getting your eyelashes lifted worth it?

Lasts longer The eyelash lift gives you incredible lashes that last almost 2 months. Some people are lucky that it also lasts 3 months. That means, for 3 months straight, you can wake up every morning with incredible eyelashes. We would say that the procedure would be worthwhile.

Do you know those days when your favorite mascara and eyelash curler just didn't feel like doing it? When do you really need an extra boost to open up the eye area and make those lashes curl? Yes, it might be time to consider trying an eyelash lift, a semi-permanent treatment that leaves you with perfectly curled lashes for up to eight weeks (really). The semi-permanent process lasts weeks, not hours, and is an excellent solution for people with naturally straight eyelashes or for anyone who wants an extra stretch. Although the terms are interchangeable between customers, traditional “perms” of eyelashes no longer exist and have taken on new life as “keratin eyelash lifts”. The keratin eyelash lift will be done by a beautician or an eyelash specialist (I had mine done by Tina at Envious Lashes).

Personally, it's been four weeks since my eyelash lift and I haven't noticed any difference in the curl or dye. Tran adds that people who have skin conditions such as blepharitis, eczema, psoriasis and conjunctivitis should generally stay away from eyelash lifts, as the permanent solution has the potential to irritate. Receiving the lift not only takes half as long as extensions (mine lasted approximately one hour, while extensions can take between two and three hours), but they must be filled every two to three weeks. The only time you should be as careful with an elevator as you are with extensions is within 24 hours of your appointment.

I was coming for eyebrow waxing and maybe I talked about microblading and they offered me an eyelash lift and as a blonde with clear eyelashes they sold me. The results vary depending on the length and porosity of the eyelashes, but in general the results of a keratin eyelash lift last four to six weeks before the eyelashes start to diminish (and the dye starts to fade). Here's everything you need to know about getting an eyelash lift with keratin plus, a brutally honest account of my personal experience. Eyelash lifts can also damage your eyelashes if you decide to do them too soon after a previous treatment, which means you'll want to wait a full four weeks or you're at risk of damage.

Most people are good candidates for eyelash lifts, but Brown says she wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is pregnant and in their first trimester. If you're looking to take care of damaged eyelashes so they can recover their health, the good news is that a lift can help. Buhler confirms that she has definitely noticed a growing demand for lifts and suspects that women still want to have something on their eyelashes, but don't want to have to deal with maintaining extensions. Keep scrolling to answer all your burning questions, such as how much do eyelash lifts cost, how long they last, and much more.

This is because an eyelash perm technically uses an alkaline solution to push the eyelashes into a curled position, while a keratin eyelash lift uses, well, keratin.

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