Is kim kardashian eyelashes real?

He claims that he has never had any fillers on his face and that his eyelashes are real. Since Kim K came to the public light, one of the hottest topics surrounding her is the adjustments she has made to her face and body. Kim Kardashian also spoke about cosmetic surgery and said that she has never worn lip fillers, cheek fillers or eyelash extensions. Mario, who regularly presents tutorials to show fans how to recreate Kim's beauty looks, revealed that he always applies his eyelashes after finishing the rest of his eye makeup, especially when creating eye-catching smoky eyes.

Both of Kardashian's eyelash extension methods will achieve the look you want, so choose the one that's most comfortable for you. Or, if it's something you want to last for a week or so, maybe eyelash extensions are closer to your thing. Kardashian eyelash extensions will take a little longer to create, as they require a higher level of skill than other eyelash extension creations. Kardashian eyelash extensions are similar to hybrid eyelash extensions because both variants require a mix of classic and Russian Volume eyelashes.

While hybrid eyelash extensions look fantastic, the plump, smooth appearance of Kardashian lashes will make your eyes stand out. The quality of its educational products and professional training courses on eyelash extensions reflects its long experience in the industry and has a positive impact on eyelash extension professionals around the world. Customers with smaller eyes who have always dreamed of having big eyes will love Kardashian eyelash extensions. Then you'll use Russian Volume extensions to create the “pointy” look that Kardashian lashes are famous for.

However, large, folded down or very asymmetrical eyes usually don't look very good with Kardashian eyelash extensions. Using Kim as a model in the short clip, Mario revealed that, when it comes to his delicious lashes, he uses two products: Ardel Duralash Naturals in medium and long size (3.9 pounds sterling) and Duo eyelash adhesive glue in a dark tone (£). In the case of hybrid eyelash extensions, 30% of individual extensions are classic, while the remaining 70% are Russian in volume. The result is beautiful, voluminous lashes, without the unnatural look that only Russian Volume Lash extensions usually create.

Alternatively, some eyelash artists will only work with Russian volume extensions to achieve the Kardashian look. As expected, the star's makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, published a complete list of the products he used in Kardashian-West, but once people noticed that his eyelashes were missing, they immediately began to wonder where they could get the false ones as soon as possible.

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